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Free Range Cow
Free Range Cow
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Grab a team member and join us for the first ever Wild West Amazing Race!  Created after the famous television show and paired with our heritage and list of exciting activities during Fall Fest, this is the event that will have everyone talking, laughing, and showing their competitive spirit!

What to Expect:

Well, it would spoil the fun if we gave it all away.  But you can expect to participate in some physical activities, some mind-benders, and some comedic activities.  You and your team member must navigate the riddles and the clues and get through the race the fastest to WIN!

The race begins Thursday, October 20 at 4pm, and will go until 7pm or until the first team completes the race. If no one completed the race before 7pm, the team to have gotten the farthest will be named the winner.  The race will occur in downtown Ellsworth and within a nearby radius.  Racers should wear tennis shoes and bring a water bottle.  Racers will be on foot.  Must have a smart phone.

Racers must be ages 12+.
Teams consist of 2 players.
Registration is required by October 14 at 5pm, and a minimum of 5 teams must register.


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