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Business Incentives

Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (NRP)

Property tax abatement for investment in commercial property and improvements

High Performance Incentive Program (HPIP)

The HPIP provides an investment tax credit and other incentives for companies that pay above average wages and have a strong commitment to skills development fo their workers. 

Work Opportunity Tax Credits

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit available to employers for hiring individuals from certain target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment. 

Tax Increment Financing

Tax increment financing, or TIF, subsidizes companies by refunding or diverting a portion of their taxes to help finance development in an area or (less frequently) on a project site. Usually, TIF helps to pay for infrastructure improvements (streets, sewers, parking lots) in the area near a new development.

Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK)

Approved qualified companies may receive 95% of the payroll withholding tax of the new PEAK jobs/employees that are paid equal to or above the county median wage in which the business facility is located. 


Utility Sales Tax Exemption

Use of water, electric, or gas to operate equipment MAY be eligible for sales tax exemption.

Commercial Land

ECED currently has 28 acres of land, zoned for industrial or commercial development.  We track additional commercial property for sale or development.

Kansas Industrial Training/Retraining (KIT/KIR)

The KIT and KIR programs can pay for the costs of training new employees or retraining existing workers.

Kansas Works Training Program

Skilled workers or training for skilled workers may be eligible for a cost share through Kansas Works.



Business Financing

Revolving Loan

Gap funding is available through our office to finance your dream.

Grow Ellsworth County E-Community

As a Network Kansas partner and Entrepreneurial Community, we have exclusive access to gap financing tools that best fit your project.  Contact ECED for an analysis of the best funding mechanism.

Facade Improvement

Looking to replace an awning, signage, windows, or other exterior improvement?  0% interest financing is available.


Other Business Services

Succession Planning

It's never too early to start thinking about your exit strategy.  We have tools and resources to help.

Business Plan & Forecasting

Creating a business plan can be overwhelming. Let us help.

Custom Consulting

Every business is different.  If you need brick and mortar, a prototype, a market study, export assistance, expansion dollars, we are here to troubleshoot and solve.


Is there a grant for that?

In short, if your entity status is a for-profit venture, NO. If your idea or organization is of the non-profit ideation, then possibly YES.

We provide assistance in seeking grants and writing letters of support for various grant requests.  We also provide assistance with seeking financing for for-profit business.  Please make an appointment to discuss your idea or need so that we can assess the right tools.

Ele Stambaugh


Program Used:

Business Plan/Forecasting

Finance Packaging

E-Community Loan

Grow Kansas Loan


Rick Weigel & family

Wilson Foods


Programs Used:

Energy Audit



Business Plan/Forecasting

Succession Planning

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