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Grow Ellsworth County Chamber Blue

Grow Ellsworth County is excited to announce that we are partnering with over 59 other Chambers and like organizations in Kansas to bring Chamber Blue of Kansas health insurance. This Blue Cross Blue Shield large group policy should help small, medium, and even larger businesses lower their health care premiums and, at the same time, offer a variety of robust plans. 


Chamber Blue of Kansas is an association health plan (AHP) that allows for employers to join together to purchase insurance. The larger pool of people enrolled in the plan allows the possibilities for more plan options, and potentially, lower cost.

The plan is open to employers who have two or more employees and are current, dues-paying members of Grow Ellsworth County.

Chamber Blue of Kansas offers employers the ability to attract and retain top talent by increasing access and buying power of more than a single business alone. Employers and their most valued asset – their employees – will receive access to:

  • A dedicated account management team with one-on-one support

  • More choice in plan options

  • Stability of rates with a larger pool of participants

  • A uniform rate for the group based on average risk rather than rating each member individually

  • Dental, life, disability and ancillary coverage offerings will be available to complete your benefit package

Grow Ellsworth County Member Alert

Below is a recording of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas webinar from July 21.


Also mark your calendars as there will be a second webinar on Thursday, September 28th at 2pm to review the “next steps”. 


Chamber Blue Timeline

chamber blue.png
  • You have to be a current Grow Ellsworth County member to access the survey and the rates.

  • Businesses must employ two or more W-2 employees, unless your business is filing taxes as an S-Corp or a C-Corp.

  • Businesses must have 70% of eligible employees enroll in the group health plan and will pay 25% of the lowest cost plan offered.

Why Chamber Blue?

  • The buying power of over 59 Chambers in the state of Kansas.

  • Lower rates with stability from year to year.

  • Lower yearly increases.

  • Composite rating – A uniform rate for the group based on average risk rather than rating each member individually or by age.

  • Great for businesses of all sizes.

  • You are not obligated to accept the quote if the insurance does not fit your needs.

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