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Camp Invention Central Kansas


2022 was our inaugural Camp Invention, and what an amazing time we had!

With 51 campers, many things were learned, explored, innovated, created, and tested, and what a fabulous week!

Thanks to our campers, leaders in training, volunteers, educators, and sponsors for making this possible. And most of all thank you to Keri Whorton for envisioning this amazing opportunity for the youth of Central Kansas!

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Camp Invention's Inspiration

Every good idea starts with a story, and Keri's personal journey created the motivation and inspiration to bring this STEM Camp to Ellsworth County and the surrounding area.

Keri's story begins in Ellsworth, where she grew up and graduated from Ellsworth High School.  A discovery journey into her professional career landed her at Raytheon, where she grew her passion for process improvement and change management.

Keri's professional and personal road took an unexpected and life-changing pivot in 2017,when she suffered a brain aneurysm, stroke, and heart attack, right here in Ellsworth, Kansas.  Her life was forever altered as she faced a long road to recovery.

The summer following Keri's aneurysm was fraught with new challenges as Keri and husband Marion struggled to balance their family life with recovery and workload.  It was then that Keri discovered an opportunity for Sierra.  Camp  Invention was offering a summer camp of STEM learning opportunities that seemed to be a way to occupy time in an educational environment.  Little did Keri and Sierra know that Camp Invention would ignite a fire for STEM learning and the opportunities that come from developing these skills at a young age.

During this 5 year anniversary of Keri's recovery, this is her "give-back" to the community that enveloped her during her trials, and to those gifted healing hands that set her on the road to recovery.  Keri is the inspiration and Director for Camp Invention Central Kansas 2022.


Keri Weinhold Whorton & Sierra Whorton



Keri Whorton



Sarah Richard

3rd Grade Educator


Louise Blanding

1st Grade Educator


Bekah Tripp

4th Grade Educator

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