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Children playing at kindergarden
Children in Science Class

We had a great time in Wilson!


Camp Invention 2023 - FAST FORWARD!

Your child will become a Robotic Pet Vet™ using tools, circuitry, biology and physiology to take apart and diagnose puppy problems. Campers then celebrate the homecoming of their customized robotic pet as they demonstrate design engineering concepts in the construction of a new dog park attraction!


In Mod My Mini Mansion™ your child will dream up and design their very own futuristic smart home filled with gadgets, LEDs and technology - from exploring renewable sources to binary coding, this take-home mini mansion will make architecture concepts unforgettable!


Campers will launch into the future with their very own Optibot™ - a small self-driving bot that senses change in light, as children go on an exploration adventure fueled by aerial, aquatic and land transportation technology!


Daily challenges will inspire your young innovator to Stick To It™ using collaboration, discovery and invention prototyping to solve real world issues. Whether it's through the lens of a physicist, engineer or entrepreneur, campers explore chemistry with magnetic slime, trajectory in a catapult challenge, and the exciting testing of mechanical gears and their robotic arm creations!

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