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Frequently Asked Questions

Both the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce and Ellsworth County Economic Development are county-wide service organizations, committed to delivering services and valuable resources to the entire county of Ellsworth.  We are committed to providing an even more robust service to the county, as we add a staff member to our team that will allow us more capacity to serve.  Our visionary approach will allow us to optimize our business model, and better serve our entire county.

The Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce is in a period of transition, following the Director's stated desire to retire and spend more time with family.  The search for the skills and  talents to take the position of Director did not yield the desired results, leading the Board of Directors to consider alternative ways of delivering the best services to the business community.  Current economic conditions merited the discovery of the question "could we be stronger together?"  We continue that discovery with the belief that common sense indicates this is the right time to harness the energy of ECED and optimize this opportunity.

In sharing the mission, vision, and tasks of both organizations, we find more alignment and common ground than differences.  Overlap and redundancy creates confusion and inefficiency, and in some ways may be perceived as the two organizations competing against each other when we share the desired result of bolstering our businesses and our community.  Combining resources creates cohesion, allows for additional capital, and allows us to accelerate results in the community.  

The organization will brand under the name Grow Ellsworth County, offering the merge of services currently provided by Ellsworth County Economic Development and the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce.  ECED will retain the legal entity structure. The organization will office at 107 E 2nd St M-F 8am-5pm and by appointment.  No services will be phased out, and in fact we look forward to providing more services with the dedicated staff and talent to bring a robust menu of offerings, ideas and energy to the community. 

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