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Electric Service

Western Electric Cooperative Assn

For new service: 1-800-456-6720


Rolling Hills Electric

Rural electric utility providing electric service to members in Ellsworth, Russell, Lincoln, Osborne, Smith, Jewell, Mitchell, Republic, and Cloud Counties

For new service: 785-534-1601 or 800-530-5572




Gas Service

Kansas Gas Service For new service: 1-800-794-4780


Midwest Energy



AT&T 1-800-222-0300 or Click Here

Wilson Communications 785-658-2111

H & B Communications 785-252-4000

NexTech 785-472-3800



Ellsworth - City of Ellsworth 785-472-5566 Kanopolis - City of Kanopolis 785-472-4732

Wilson - City of Wilson 785-658-2272

Holyrood - City of Holyrood 785-252-3652

Lorraine - City of Lorraine 785-472-5582

Rural - Post Rock Water Rural Water District 785-472-4486


Eagle Communications 877-613-2453

AT & T 800-222-0300 or Click Here

Wilson Communications 785-658-2111

H & B Communications  785-252-4000

NexTech 785-472-3800


If you need to make an edit to your contractor listing, please send email to:


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Millwood Realty
114 N. Douglas Ave., Ste 2
Ellsworth, KS 67439
Anita Hoffhines 785-531-0160
Mark Hoffhines 785-531-1784
Ideal Real Estate
302 N. Douglas Ave.
Ellsworth, KS 67439

Joni Glaser 785-531-0929
Kayla Errebo 785-420-0304
MPIRE Realty Group
3520 Lakin Ave
Great Bend, KS 67530

Katie Homolka (620) 792-4133
Desiree Bushell 785-324-1899
Victor Bros.
2505 Avenue E, Box 5
Wilson, KS 67490


Ellsworth Childcare & Learning Center (ECLC)

We are a state licensed center structured with classrooms according to age. Each classroom is run by teachers who create tailored lesson plans based on Kansas Early Learning Standards, classroom schedules and developmentally appropriate environments. Children in our care are offered structured learning activities based on the Kansas Early Learning Standards that allow us to track, scaffold, and nurture continued growth and development in these vital periods of brain growth.

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