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Camp Helpers!

While Camp Invention is focused on grades K-6, there are special opportunities for older students to be involved in hands-on learning and assisting the instructors.

Leaders in Training  (grades 7-9)  |  cost $145


The Leaders-in-Training (LIT) position is a summer opportunity for students entering grades seven through nine. LITs build leadership skills in a dynamic, invention-based setting while mentoring children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Through the program, LITs gain and practice leadership and teamwork skills, act as role models for younger participants, and learn to set and meet personal and team goals. LITs work with a Camp Invention® Instructor to become a subject-matter expert in their module(s). LITs are also paired with a Leadership Intern mentor who helps the LIT develop leadership skills, which are used to empower Camp Invention participants as they become critical thinkers and creative problem solvers. While at Camp Invention, LITs set goals, reflect on their experiences, adapt leadership techniques, give and receive positive, constructive feedback, and evaluate their personal performance. LITs also help set a tone of excitement and team spirit and facilitate activities as needed. They engage Camp Invention participants in the overall experience, support them in problem solving, and assist in providing a safe environment. Not only is Camp Invention an opportunity for LITs to make a lifelong impression on younger children, it can also guide LITs in making future career decisions! Note: LITs are participants, just like campers, and are held to the same behavior standards with the same consequences.


• Leadership experience with a nationally renowned program

• Preparation for pursuing future positions and volunteer opportunities

• Real-world experience with setting and achieving goals and problem-solving

• Certificate of completion upon conclusion of program


Our best LITs:

• Are engaging, optimistic, responsible, enthusiastic, helpful, tolerant, and interested in working with children.

• Have an interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and/or education

• Participate in the orientation and setup of their Camp Invention program

• Think of their position as their first real job experience, and understand unexcused lateness and absences are not acceptable

• Are willing to be coached and mentored, and adapt based on construction feedback

• Dress in clean, neat clothes appropriate for working with children. No flip-flops please

• Are respectful and have a positive attitude

• Socialize during appropriate times not during module activities, and know that using a phone to call, text, or access the Internet is not permitted during program hours

• Understand they are a role model for younger campers and that inappropriate language, behavior, or attitude will result in a warning or possibly dismissal from the program


Responsibilities: Prior to the start of their program’s week, LITs must watch and review all training videos and materials, be available one day prior to the start date for a brief training and orientation session and assist with setting up the program. LITS must also be available for the entire length of the program and each day arrive 30 minutes before the start of the program and stay until the last participant is picked up at the end of the day. The typical schedule is Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. LITs are responsible throughout each day for checking in with the Director and their assigned Instructor to set goals, receive leadership tips, and get feedback on their progress. If an emergency arises and a LIT cannot attend or must leave their program early, the need to notify the Director immediately. All LITs must be able to follow all Camp Invention rules of conduct and safety guidelines during the full program. LITs are also expected to assist Leadership Interns and Instructors in the following areas:

Participant Leadership

• Get to know the participants in their module by name

• Help all participants engage in the program experience by fostering a sense of team spirit and fun

• Treat all participants equally, in a respectful and professional manner


• Facilitate Base Camp activities

• Empower and encourage participants to problem solve

• Assist participants in building skills and working as a team

• Distribute supplies and assist students with problems or questions Logistics and Safety

• Work with their Leadership Intern to maintain order, but not discipline

• Assist Instructors with specific content areas, lunchtime, and other tasks


The base cost for the LIT program is $145, plus applicable building use or school fees. Seats are limited and not available at all locations. LIT registration closes a month prior to the start of each Camp Invention program. Parents can visit to register their child for the LIT program.

Interns  (grades 10-college)  


The Leadership Intern opportunity is ideal for high school and college students seeking to build leadership skills through formalized training and practical experience. This opportunity introduces entrepreneurial and intellectual property concepts, strengthens college applications, and provides a meaningful setting to complete required volunteer hours. Leadership Interns represent the program and National Inventors Hall of Fame brand. They help create an environment of fun, learn strategies to encourage collaborative learning, serve as role models to participants and Leaders-in-Training (LIT) and assist in providing a safe environment for participants. It is often the role of an outstanding Leadership Intern that makes the experience the most memorable for participants.


Benefits: Interns receive formalized leadership training and certification, culminating in 40 volunteer or service hours and a personalized letter of completion from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The two-hour, online training is self-directed and completed prior to their week of volunteering.

The formalized online training and program provide students opportunities to:

• Improve communication skills through interactions with educators and participants

• Discover how to build teamwork and guide a team

• Learn techniques to inspire creativity in others

• Apply newly acquired leadership skills in a dynamic environment

• Be inspired to be creative and learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts, as well as innovation

• Develop an understanding of intellectual property concepts and their connection to economic prosperity

• Learn entrepreneurial concepts through the lens of innovation and invention. Great for DECA club members

• Gain an increased awareness of personal leadership strengths and receive feedback from adult team members • Set themselves apart when applying for colleges, universities, scholarships, or future employment

• Receive a personalized letter of completion from the United States Patent and Trademark Office

• Earn 40 volunteer or service hours in a STEM educational program. Great for National Honor Society and graduation requirements



Responsibilities during the program:

Participant Leadership

• Get to know participants in your group by name

• Motivate all participants to fully engage in the program experience

• Foster a sense of team spirit and fun

• Treat all participants equally, in a respectful and professional manner

• Be a great role model

• Mentor a Leader-in-Training (LIT), if applicable


• Facilitate activities during sign-in, sign-out, and Base Camp

• Empower participants to problem-solve through curricular activities

• Assist participants to build skills to successfully work in teams Logistics and Safety

• Make reminder calls to parents prior to the program (if asked by Director)

• Escort children to and from all areas they travel to, individually and as a group

• Work with the Director and Instructors to maintain order, not discipline

• Assist Instructors with clean-up and other tasks

• Assist with lunch and eat with participants

• Always keep track of group members – until the last participant is picked up


Position Requirements:

• Complete online PILOT course prior to the start of the program

• Complete a post-program review

• Be available prior to the start of the program for training and setup

• Be available for the entire length and duration of the program

• Able to follow all program rules of conduct and safety guidelines

Please contact Keri Whorton at if interested in an intern position.

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