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Watercolor Paint

david alexander

I have been into art for as long as I can remember. I was a self taught artist who in my early twenties was inspired by Bob Ross. Learning from his technique gave me the confidence to do landscape murals. I did my first professional mural in 1992. I was working as an electronic repair technician and landed my first mural for a restaurant "The Hitchin' Post", while eating there with my father in Molalla Oregon. Once I started, I couldn't wait to get off work so I could work on the mural. From that time on, I have been painting murals every chance I get. I have always been involved in art, but once I got a taste of the larger stuff I was hooked. I have done many types of murals on many types of surfaces. Interior and exterior. From walls,to floors, to ceilings, RVs, cars, and even designed a few company logos. Each one of my murals is an original for the person or company I am doing the work for. I work with them to find out what they want and I do my best to create it for them. One of my favorite tools to use is the airbrush. It allows me to make a mural look more realistic, almost 3D in some cases. My murals usually consist of a mix of airbrush and bristle brush. I have done work in Oregon, Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio. My work has been featured in news papers, a magazine, and even on television.  Each time I finish one, I thank God for blessing the work of my hands. I would love to one day make this my full time profession.


david alexander sample portfolio

I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Kansas State University. I live in Ellsworth and think that a mural would help to bring some more art into the community.


joshua womelsdorf


joshua womelsdorf sample portfolio

Gail Williams born to Mississippi in 1970 and having moved to the county of Ellsworth in 2009 along with her family. She has enjoyed art at a very young age. she often sketched and gave her drawings to her educators. In return they encouraged her to join in art as a middle school student. Upon becoming a wife and mother she shared her past time with her boys at their dinning table many times and cherishes those memories. In 2015 life took a devastating turn as her youngest son was severely injured and she was already the guardian to her oldest son. Having two full-time caregiver jobs she was unable to work any longer and focused on their well-being. Over the years since she has indulged herself back into art as a form of therapy having the opportunity of creating company logos, t-shirt designs and custom pieces on canvas. Recently a large temporary window mural located in our very own town. Gail's work consists of abstract, acrylic paint pouring, one of a kind mixed media canvas, from wine bottle art to paper crafts and fabrics. 

Interesting facts about Gail- she has a green belt in martial arts, she taught herself to play guitar for her youngest son, whom is no longer able to play and she has indulged in animal balloon art to share with the younger generations. Dealing with the depression that comes with life altering events she enjoys bringing smiles and those beautiful moments shared with her clients that have an emotional response with a custom piece. It brings much joy to her life. 


gail williams


gail williams sample portfolio

Avery Maxwell is an Ellsworth, Kansas resident. She lives with her husband, Alex, and three daughters, Berkley, Gracen and Harper. Maxwell is a graduate of SCAD with an MFA in Painting. A native Kansan, Kasper has spent much of her life devoted to sharing her love of art with others. She's a full time art teacher at Ellsworth High School, and has spent time painting windows, murals for businesses (including EJSHS, Wilson's Golden Living Center, and business throughout Thomas county, Kansas).


avery maxwell


avery maxwell sample portfolio

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