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Camp Invention Central Kansas 2024

Introducing our all-new 2024 Camp Invention experience!  Register NOW for one of three opportunities! Register using the code:  INVENT.ORG/CAMP2024 for $50 off!  $100 scholarships will be available first-come, first-serve with no income requirements.  Need additional scholarship funds for your children?  We can help!

Give your young innovator an inspiring, action-packed summer adventure! Exciting, hands-on challenges will spark curiosity and build their confidence as they jump into limitless STEM fun with opportunities to imagine, experiment and create. Read more about what your camper will do each day at camp:

Gear up for athletics, design and invention as you develop your own unique sports ball for an awesome light-up game. Get your creativity rolling to achieve your goal of being inducted into the Ball of Fame!
Shine bright as you explore the science of light and illuminating inventions. Create your own one-of-a-kind Glow Box, then use ultraviolet light to reveal a mystery hidden in the dark!
Make waves on an epic aquatic journey! Use a personalized, light-up robotic laboratory and dial up your design thinking to solve water challenges around the world, helping people and the planet.
Step into the Prototyping Studio to bring your big ideas to life! Mold, shape and transform your own unique invention, then use your imagination and the power of intellectual property to protect it.  

Introducing Curriculum 2024:  Illuminate!

In the Game.png

IN THE GAME gives students the chance to be innovative all-stars as they engineer their own light-up ball game. After creating a unique sports ball,
they explore the physics of motion, then find out how to protect their ideas with intellectual property and reach the goal of being inducted into the Game of Fame!


In LET’S GLOW, students learn about biophysics, optics and electrical engineering as they discover illuminating inventions and engineer their own one-of-a-kind Glow Box. They investigate how light works in LEDs, fiber
optics and even glowing animals. With ultraviolet light, they uncover clues to reveal a mystery, using the power of light to help their ideas shine.

Let's Glow.png
Operation Hydrodrop.png

In OPERATION: HYDRODROP, students embark on an epic global operation to explore and solve water challenges around the world. They personalize
their own light-up robotic Lab-on-Wheels inspired by cutting-edge marine science technology. Using creative problem solving, they engineer solutions to filter and clean water, becoming hydro heroes.

Students star as game show contestants in PROTOTYPING STUDIO, where they embark on an innovative journey to discover the ultimate place
to invent. Equipped with a DIY toolbox, they generate new ideas, bringing them to life by transforming unique inventions. They collaborate with friends for rapid prototyping challenges, and learn that invention can happen anywhere.

Prototype Studio.png

Register NOW!

Kids in Art Class

Central Plains

Holyrood, KS


June 10-14

A Girl Looking at a Physics Model


Wilson, KS


June 17-21

Building a Robot


Ellsworth, KS


July 8-12

Register to receive a $100 scholarship (first-come, first-serve with no income requirement!

Register to receive a $100 scholarship (first-come, first-serve with no income requirement!

Register to receive a $100 scholarship (first-come, first-serve with no income requirement!

It is our goal to make Camp Invention accessible to all children who wish to attend, without financial hardship for the families.  If you need additional funds beyond the $100 scholarship for your child(ren) to attend, please complete this form: 


Camp Invention 2023 was a success! 

See all the fun and read about it by clicking the image below!

CampInvention 2023.png

Video:  Wilson Camp 2023

Video:  Ellsworth Camp 2023

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