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Lemon Tree

Lemonade Day 2024  |  August 3  | Downtown Ellsworth

Lemonde Day Postcard 2024.png

What is Lemonade Day?

Introducing Lemonade Day!  Thanks to Network Kansas for providing another fun opportunity to build entrepreneurship in our community's children!

Give your child the opportunity to follow their dreams and be their own boss by learning how to start and run their own real-life business and make their own money on Lemonade Day!

• Lemonade Day is an experiential and educational program for grades K-6 youth that prepares them for life by introducing them to
entrepreneurship and providing them with the opportunity to start, own and operate their first business — a lemonade stand.
• Registered youth will receive access to the My Lemonade Day app with lessons on setting a goal, creating a lemonade product, making a budget and business plan, finding an investor, choosing a location, building a stand, marketing their business, and ultimately running their business on Lemonade Day.
• On this one special day on August 3, 2024 in downtown Ellsworth, your child will set up their lemonade stand in conjunction with the downtown event Vintage to Vibrant and Ellsworth Cowtown Days, and make lemonade sales!


Creativity is encouraged! What about flavored lemonade? What about preselling a bottomless cup? What might be a good food product to go with your lemonade? What about merchandise to go with it?

Lemonade Day is celebrated in over 300 communities worldwide and has served nearly 1.5 million children to date.
Here are tips from parents that we would like to share with you!
Starting Out:
Before you begin the Lemonade Day lessons with your child, share the highlights of what they can expect to learn and
experience and the opportunity to:

• Learn how to start a business!
• Set up their lemonade stand business in profitable locations throughout the city
• Make their own money - possibly hundreds of dollars with the right planning!
• Experience first-hand the satisfaction of achieving goals and managing money as a business owner
• Learn about other youth entrepreneurs
• Learn how to put a business plan together
• Choose a business partner
• Give back to a cause they believe in
• Participate in a program with other children from around the world!
• Last but not least, it’s fun!

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