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Without question, 2022's Mural Making Project in Ellsworth County was one of the most energizing and engaging, as we explored the community's appetite for arts and finding new ways to attract business and tourism to our community.  Through the Kansas Creative Arts Commission, the Office of Rural Prosperity, and the Kansas Department of Commerce, another opportunity for a 50/50 match grant is available. 

In order to prepare the grant, we must have ALL THREE COMPONENTS prepared by March 31, 2024.  We are seeking the following partners:  BUSINESSES, ARTISTS, AND SPONSORS.  


The Goals


1 or more artists able to complete 1 or more murals by October 2024, using a cohesive vision to encompass Ellsworth County


2 or more volunteer businesses willing to utilize their buildings to host a community mural.  Ideal locations across the county are encouraged to apply.


Individuals, businesses, and organizations willing to pledge dollars to the fundraising goal of $7,500 to reach our grant match.

Artist Requirements:

Must be able to provide their own materials and supplies.

Murals must be completed by October 2024.

Must provide a biography and samples of their work.

This is a competitive process with selection made by community partners.

Business Requirements:

Preference given to ideal locations with great visual accessibility.  

Businesses MAY offer to support this effort through cost sharing the mural.

Businesses must allow murals to be completed by October 2024.


We appreciate your efforts to help us raise the match requirement of $7,500.  

The applicant, ECED, is a registered 501(c)6, so donations are an eligible business expense, NOT a charitable donation.

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