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Politician Greeting Children

Youth on Board- Ellsworth County

Building our community means building our civic engagement muscle, and expanding the skills and capacities of those resources and assets within our community. 

Youth on Board is an initiative created to open those doors to the youth in our community, and to allow them to engage, serve, vote, influence, and affect change.  Youth representation on boards increases the relevance, energy, and perspective, and give youth an opportunity to advocate and grow their sense of connection to the community.  It often can result in increased commitment to the board from current board members, who are more aware of their responsibility to model ideal board behaviors and processes.  The synergy created from adults and youth working together can result in better programs and services, and more dedication to the mission and objectives.  It also breaks down the barriers of intimidation and increases possible future civic engagement.  


How can you support Youth on Board?

We are seeking current registered 501c3, 501c6, or governmental boards who are willing to entertain allowing youth to serve.  We have created a guidebook to help determine if your organization is adequately prepared to have youth serve, and assistance will be provided in creating the structure and application/selection to assist in streamlining the process.  

Please note that your bylaws may need to be reviewed and/or changed to allow youth to serve, and their capacity can be tailored to fit your organizational structure (i.e. ex officio or advisory instead of voting member).  

If you are interested in the guidebook, please click the button below.  If you are interested in having a youth service in your organization, please contact me for further guidance and support.

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