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Business Services
  • Business Plans & Finance

    GROW has a variety of services from start to finish to assist in creating your business plan, projections, and financial packaging.  Every business scenario is unique and customized.  Schedule an appointment to determine the best course of action.

    We have a variety of resources available to develop, finance, and optimize your business idea.

  • Technical Assistance: Technical assistance (TA) refers to the education and guidance provided to entrepreneurs and small-business owners to help them start, grow and scale businesses. TA can help to build the capacity of organizations to operate effectively, position entrepreneurs and small businesses to leverage and/or access capital (both loan and equity), and generally help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.  Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your needs.

  • It can be challenging to leave a business you’ve spent years building. Our approach to succession planning first helps clients identify their readiness. We can assist in creating exit strategies that align with the business goals and time frames.

    Succession planning consists of the logistical and financial decisions business owners must make. Decisions like who will take over when they leave the company and how that transition will go. A succession plan ensures less disruption to business operations, employees, and clients.








  • Looking for a location for your business?  Contact our office for assistance in securing your ideal location.  

    GROW also assists with filling vacancies for commercial space.  If you have a vacancy or are considering selling your commercial location, please inform us as we may have entrepreneurs in our pipeline seeking a location.
  • Our office is happy to assist with celebratory functions for your business, including ribbon cuttings, open houses, after hours, anniversaries, and other business milestones.  Please contact our office to schedule those functions.

  • No two businesses are the same and every circumstance needs a customized look for the right solution.  Tell us your goals and let us help.

  • Is there a grant for your business?
    In short, if your entity status is a for-profit venture, NO. If your idea or organization is of the non-profit ideation, then possibly YES.

    We provide assistance in seeking grants and writing letters of support for various grant requests.  We also provide assistance with seeking financing for for-profit business.  Please make an appointment to discuss your idea or need so that we can assess the right tools.

Client:  Wilson Foods

Business Acquisition for Future Succession  |  Capital Improvements and Sustainability

Programs Used:

  • Energy Audit

  • REAP

  • Kansas Healthy Foods 

  • IFF Mission Based Funding

  • Business Plan/Forecasting

  • Succession Planning

Client:  Paden's Place | Ele's Corner

Succession Plan & Business Acquisition

Programs Used:

  • Business Plan/Forecasting

  • Finance Packaging

  • E-Community Loan

  • Grow Kansas Loan

  • Patterson Grant applicable to E-Community Loan

  • Technical Assistance Grant

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