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  • Stacie Schmidt

XIII Ways.... You are Hurting Your Community

If you are not familiar with the amazing book authored by Canadian and rural advocate Doug Griffiths entitled 13 Ways to Kill Your Community, I highly recommend it! In this book, Doug takes a comedic approach to the ways that communities and their residents impede themselves, often unintentionally or without nefarious intent. I love this book, so I have been considering how those ways might align or differ in our community and in today's difficult economy. I start my series of 13 Ways with I. Don't Get Engaged, Involved, or Informed.

Communication Conundrums: Navigating the Maze of Multi-Generational Media

Ah, communication—it's a beast, isn't it? In today’s whirlwind world, every business and organization faces the Herculean task of multi-generational communication through a dizzying array of media options.

Here at Grow Ellsworth County, we’ve got our bases covered. We shout our news from the rooftops through newspapers, social media, flyers, banners, posters, websites, newsletters, and we even offer a brand-new text alert service for our community members. Yet, somehow, we still hear, “We didn’t know about that.” Cue the facepalm. 🤦‍♂️

When we ask folks how they get their news, some sheepishly admit they’ve been living under a rock. No judgment—we understand. Everyone’s juggling a million things, from chasing kids to sporting events to navigating family and business relationships. Sometimes, retreating into the comfort of home is what the doctor ordered for your sanity.

Then there are the critics. "Why didn't we know about this?" they ask. Well, here’s how YOU can get in the loop: Follow community business and organization social media pages, SHARE those pages and posts with your own circle, buy a newspaper, and—wait for it—actually show up to community events! You’d be amazed at the incredible things happening in our community that you might be missing out on.

Our community calendar is right here on our site, open to everyone for adding and viewing events. You can also sign up for our text alerts on that same page. It’s never been easier to stay informed!

Remember, as a resident of this county, a rising tide lifts all ships. Make it your business to find ways to get involved and spread the word about the fantastic happenings in our community. Together, we can make waves! 🌊🚀

Stay tuned as we continue our XIII Ways series. Up next? Spread Gossip. Cue the next facepalm and frustrated face.

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