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The below information is a guide for self-starters,  
Consult our office for direct assistance through your start-up and growth process.

Conduct Market Research

Market research will help you identify your audience and your business' unique competitive advantage.

Write Your Business Plan

Your business plan is the foundation of your business and will help you identify if you have a solvent business model.

Calculate Your Start Up Costs

Knowing this information will help you identify investors, finance your plan, and estimate when you will turn a profit.

tools for business

Secure Funding 

Financial packaging can came from many different sources.  Grow Ellsworth County can assist in your financial packaging journey.


Securing your business location, your legal structure, and your licensing and permitting are the first steps of your launch.

Manage & GROW

Run your business like a boss.  Master day  to day operations and maximize profits.  KNOW your numbers.

Business Planning & Financing

Technical Assistance

Succession Planning

Business Incentives

Get Started

Business Location Assistance

Ribbon Cuttings

Custom Fit Solutions

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