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19 Communities are participating in this pilot program:
Cowley County
Dodge City
Ellsworth County
Miami County
Overland Park
Wallace County


Paired with our Workforce Incentives, our Make My Move Program, or the Rural Opportunity Zone, Ellsworth County is ready to welcome you HOME with some additional perks and cash money for your move.  The only thing missing is YOU. 

Why Kansas?

In the heartland where the tallgrass sways,

Beneath the endless sky's embrace,

There's a place where dreams take flight,

In the golden Kansas light.

Remember the sunsets that painted the plains,

The whispers of wheat, the summer rains?

This land of promise, bold and true,

The only thing missing, dear friend, is you.

From small-town charm to city flair,

Kansas offers more than ever there.

A tapestry of progress we weave,

In this land where hearts believe.

Return to where your roots run deep,

To fields of memories we all keep.

A new horizon, fresh and bright,

With every dawn, a new delight.

Come back to Kansas, where dreams renew,

In every sunrise, skies of blue.

The future's waiting, old and new,

And the only thing missing is you.

All that's missing is YOU

The Love Kansas campaign is a pilot program provided by the Kansas Department of Commerce, targeting "boomerangs." those Kansans who moved away but might just need a gentle nudge to remind them to LOVE where they live - right here in Kansas.

Join us for the Ultimate Class Reunion!

We are excited to launch the Love Kansas local campaign by calling all Ellsworth County Alumni (any USD that is or WAS part of Ellsworth County) to celebrate with us at our annual Cowtown celebration! This launch event is for all alumni to enjoy a FREE meal at the Concert at the Park (see Ellsworth Cowtown Days Facebook Page for details)! Pre-registration is REQUIRED by July 26. Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation along with your ticket to a FREE meal. The ask? Tell us what you LOVE about Ellsworth County, Kansas and one person you're willing to share this with. Maybe it's a classmate that has moved away, maybe it's a childhood friend, maybe it's someone looking to start their new adventure and Ellsworth County is the perfect place for them to find the land of opportunity! We LOVE KANSAS. The only thing missing is YOU.

**Limit first 100 to register! Sign up today and share with your classmates!**

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